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Fri, December 19, 2014
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Audio-recordings: 2007 Austin Annual Meeting, "The Promise of Group Therapy"
Audio-recordings: 2008 Washington, DC Annual Meeting, "Passion, Power and Politics: Dynamic Interplay in Groups"
Audio-recordings: 2009 Chicago Annual Meeting, "Strong Group Foundations: Building Lasting Communities"
Audio Recordings: 2010 San Diego Annual Meeting "A New Decade: Sustaining Our World Through Groups"
Audio-recordings: 2011 New York Annual Meeting, "Group as a Source of Resilience and Change"
Audio-recordings: 2012 New York Annual Meeting, "Group as Common Ground"
Audio-recordings: 2013 New Orleans Annual Meeting, "Overcoming Obstacles: The Power of the Group"
Audio-recordings: 2014 Boston Annual Meeting, "Group: Creating Connection in Turbulent Times"
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